ade Massagechair "JMC-001".



The first JADE Massagechair which has a real JADE massage sledge inside like our most famous JADE massage beds.


Different colors are available for orders up to 20 feet container. Standard

color is black.


































This product combines the advantages of a high technology massage chair with the unique far infrared heat massage of Jade massage beds.


This unique massage chair can be placed and used in a every living room ! You do not need a special place like for the common massage beds.


  • you could use this chair just for reading and/or listing your favourite music with the integrated MP3 player and the delivered headphones

  • the leg part can be adjusted step less with a single press at the remote control to improve the blood circulation at your legs while you optional can enjoy an air pressure and/or vibration massage in different levels of intensity

  • move the back rest step less with a single press at the remote control backwards just to relax or to enjoy the comfortable infrared heat of the integrated JADE rollers or

  • enjoy one of the 3 automatic massage programs where you back musculature will be warmed up and stretched to avoid problems of hardened back musculature

  • you can open the cover to adjust all options like temperature, intensity, vibration – or air pressure massage or select one of your favourite music from the MP3 player.

With the delivered upholstery you can use this massage chair like a normal chair too !



The backrest of our JADE Massage chair can be moved from the vertical position to nearly horizontal position (87 degrees). So you can use this massage chair like a JADE Thermal massage bed too. After use he just needs same space like a normal chair.


With reclinining the backrest you can adjust the intensity of the massage which will reach the highest intensity at the lowest position.


The JADE massagesledge has 4 ergonomically designed JADE balls which are heated and emit Far Infrared Rays (FIR). The temperature can be adjusted in 4 levels. Along the Trapezius and neck it will give special strong massage.


In the middle of the massage sledge a Germanium hemisphere is placed which emits Far Infrared Rays too and let you gain the benefits of this special stone.



Leg massage:

At the legpart the massage chair has 28 airbags and vibration massagers which will massage your feet’s and calves in adjustable intensity. The effects are similar to a lymph drainage.




The handheld – with 5 JADE hemispheres – can be used for example at the chest, abdomen, joints etc. The temperature can be adjusted in 4 levels.



Content of delivery:


- Massage chair with unique JADE back massage and Germanium which emits Far Infrared Rays (FIR)


Air pressure massage at the lower part which helps you to relax your tired and swollen legs


Optional vibration massage for the upper, middle and lower back as well as for the legs and feet’s which helps you to relax your tightened muscles.


- Heated seat with real JADE plates and optional vibration massage especially designed for problems with chilled blister, prostate and other abdomen problems


- Handheld with 5 JADE hemispheres


- High quality LCD remote control with big display and support


- MP3 Player with SD Card Slot and USB Adapter for your favourite music


- Special soft artificial leather of high quality, which feels like real leather but even more debitable


- Stereo Headphones


- small, adjustable side table


- Manual


Dimension: 76 x 76 x 118 cm (Width x Length x Height)

Power: 150 Watt, 110/220 Volt DC depending on the country 

Weight: Net weight 98 kg, Gross weight 108 kg (incl. Packaging on a wooden pallet)



The massage chair is completely mounted and packed properly at a wooden pallet. Before you can use it you must just remove the packaging material, connect the power supply, remote control and headphones and mount the side table and the support for the remote control with a few screws.


Time effort: < 30 Minutes


Shipping: 42pcs/20 feet,90pcs/40 fett,90pcs/40 feet HQ container