• Do you want to use the cost advantages for production of parts or of entire products for your small or medium sized series?
  • Do you have an interesting product idea, which you cannot realize because of cost reasons ?
  • Do you shrink from the time and cost for visa, flight, meet and stays lasting for weeks in China, would like you instead rather their forces in the structure of your sales network and the customer service and - maintains invest?
  • Did you want doubts before mediators in China all only your best? Indeed your money.... Then you are correct with us.


  • Sourcing all kinds of products made in China.
  • On behalf of your company to negotiate with manufacturers
  • Comparing the qualities and prices of the same or similar products you required from several factories to make sure the goods you received as you expected.
  • Make the order contracts based on proofed, standard agreements which we have made with our professional lawyers
  • Following the production of the goods according to your orders
  • Inspection the goods prior to shipment for you
  • Handling the exporting procedure and arrange the shipments for you.
  • Keeping send you the update market information
  • Guest service - Accompanying with you to tour all the manufacturers you want to visit when you arrive to China

However the best quality control can not avoid the bad quality production, we can only assure that you will get good quality for your good money. The most important point is to find the right suppliers for your products.

In case you will produce new technology products with sensitive information we recommend only to let the factories produce single parts and we can assemble it for you or send the parts to your country.

We also recommend you not to sell the actual products on the Chinese market - they are faster copied than you can sell it !

Other Services

Offshore office: Our professional employee can work for you through the internet, either to take care for the Chinese market/production or do some office work for.

Translation: We can translate from English to Chinese and vice versa.